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Roberto Carlos Reyes

Roberto Carlos Reyes


“I believe that specialists create the world. For example, if a chef focuses hard on making the most delicious food, then those who eat will be delighted. Similarly, if a clothing designer produces good, functional clothes at a low cost, then those who wear them will be pleased. Architecture, office work, and the transportation industry are the same way. By becoming experts in their fields, those who have chosen a certain path will continue to enrich the lives of many other people, including experts in other fields. I think that in this way, these relations keep society moving. Therefore, specialists should strive to be the best at what they do, more than anything!”

-Masahiro Sakurai

I see the value of music as more than just a commodity. An unmusical person can still identify when a chord or tonality sounds happy (major) and sad (minor). However , there are 6 more tonalities that evoke emotion ranging from ethereal to mysterious or Elegant to chaotic. These are the 8 notes and their corresponding chords, scales, arpeggios and tonalities we use here in the west. Darwin was never able to identify the evolutionary function of music. There is something incredibly primal and transcendent about the effects of music on a person. It passes language barriers. It’s beautiful.


-I know advanced theory up to jazz standards for rhythmic instruments like drums or melodic instruments like piano or flute.

-Multi Instrumentalist

-Fast turnout. Once you know the rules or “theory” it becomes easier. (rules can also be broken) –

-Passion. I have a lot of it.

-Multi Genre

-I am flexible and know that I have a duty to create within established guidelines to create the final product.

-Advanced guitarist + 20 years of performance art and 15 of composition


Thank you!



  • Chicago/Midwest

Interested in touring?

  • Yes

Hireable as

  • Music Assistant
  • Songwriter
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Orchestrator
  • Vocal Arranger
  • Music Transcriber
  • Keyboard Programmer
  • Sound Designer/Composer
  • Music Producer/Record Producer
  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Home Studio Whiz
  • Classroom music teacher at an educational institution
  • Actor-Musician
  • Other

My Primary Instrument

  • Guitar

My Instruments

  • Bass - electric
  • Drums
  • Guitar - acoustic
  • Guitar - electric
  • Piano
  • Synth - keyboards
  • Other
  • 7 string guitar


  • Ableton
  • GarageBand
  • Logic


  • He/Him