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Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu

Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu


Igala by ethnicity, an indigene of Kogi State from Iyale, Dekina Local government, Nigeria. Graduate of theater Arts department Kogi State University, Ayingba, Kogi State, Nigeria. Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu is a Creative Artist; Writer, actor, singer, and director who is carving a dynamic path in the world of entertainment. He values truth, equality and relatability in his works and dedicates his career to the representation of women and African stories. With a passion for storytelling, his journey began with the written word, crafting narratives that captivated audiences, listeners and readers with his depth and creativity.

As an actor, Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu brings characters to life on stage and screen, infusing each role with a unique blend of emotion and authenticity. His performances resonated with audiences, showcasing a versatility that spans genres and narratives.

Beyond the stage, Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu’s melodic prowess as a singer has woven an enchanting tapestry of music, capturing hearts with soulful melodies and stirring lyrics. He aims towards his voice echoing across various genres, leaving an indelible mark on listeners.

In the realm of directing, Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu hopes to showcase a visionary approach, bringing stories to life with a distinct artistic flair. His creative vision and meticulous attention to detail will lead to compelling visual narratives that resonate long after the curtains fall.

He believes that with his Creative Artistic works, he will have an illustrious career, already in progress, garnering critical acclaim and accolades, and cementing a legacy as a multifaceted creative force. And that his dedication to the arts continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

He has won the Inaugural 2023 sub-Sahara Screenplay Contest, organized by LA-based BOM PIC Global TV. And the Ghostwriter JB for publication in Issue 26 of Intellectual ink Magazine.

Those who are interested can learn more about Davidfnycountry on his website


Professional Experience

  • Broadway
  • Education
  • TV/Film


  • Other Countries

Interested in touring?

  • Yes

Hireable as

  • Theatrical Lyricist
  • Bookwriter/Librettist
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Orchestrator
  • Classroom music teacher at an educational institution
  • Actor-Musician

My Instruments

  • Voice


  • Other


  • He/Him