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Yi Wei (Cheryl) Chin

Yi Wei (Cheryl) Chin


As a Malaysian multi-genre pianist, collaborative pianist, composer, and educator, Cheryl stands as a seasoned virtuoso in the realm of music. Her journey began as a quest for musical excellence, leading her through a myriad of experiences that have shaped her into the extraordinary talent she is today. Her expertise spans various domains, from composition to performance, marked by an insatiable passion for artistic innovation and expression.

One of Cheryl’s recent performance history is the premiere of her latest musical endeavor, “Polar Excess Musical,” a captivating 20-minute show that exemplifies her collaborative spirit and compositional prowess. Presented at the prestigious Bruno Walter Hall, at the New York Public Library at the Lincoln Center. This production mesmerized audiences and garnered acclaim from the adjudicators of the Across A Crowded Room Musical Theatre Writing Program. Such recognition underscores Cheryl’s ability to craft compelling narratives and evoke profound emotions through her musical compositions.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Cheryl actively engages with the musical community as an auditor of the BMI Engel Lehman Musical Theatre Program. In this role, she participates in weekly presentations, lending her talents to support lyricists and composers in their artistic endeavors. This collaborative environment not only fosters Cheryl’s growth as a performer but also allows her to contribute to the vibrant musical landscape of the industry.

Cheryl’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Currently transitioning into the world of jazz, fueled by her deep passion for this vibrant and expressive genre, she is studying with Jeremy Manasia for jazz improvisation. Infusing jazz elements into her compositions, she continues to explore new dimensions of musical expression. Her story is a reminder of the transformative power of art and the boundless possibilities that arise when passion meets talent.

With a specialization in accompaniment, Cheryl excels in various musical contexts. Her expertise shines when supporting various musical theatre productions as a musical director and pianist. Her journey includes serving as an accompanist and arranger for “The Madmen Musical” at the Manhattan School of Music, The Wicked Musical at REAL International School SURIA in Malaysia, and collaborating with the premiere of Unsuk Chin’s “Frontispiece for Orchestra” in the United States (contemporary work).

She recently graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Piano, under the tutelage of Inesa Sinkevych and Philip Kawin.

Professional Experience

  • Broadway


  • NYC/Tri-State Area
  • Atlanta/Southeast

Interested in touring?

  • Yes

Hireable as

  • Theatrical Composer (Music only)
  • Music Director/Conductor (Pianist)
  • Music Assistant
  • Vocal Arranger
  • Incidental Music Composer/Arranger
  • Music Transcriber
  • Pit Musician (Keyboards)
  • Sound Designer/Composer
  • Audition Pianist
  • Class/Voice Lesson/Rehearsal Pianist
  • Classroom music teacher at an educational institution

My Instruments

  • Piano


  • GarageBand
  • Logic
  • Sibelius


  • BMI


  • She/Her